Welcome To Kisima

About Us

Aqua Cool Ltd was established in 1998 as a pure drinking water bottler. Within the first year of operations the founder innovated the business model and moved from packaging small bottles into delivering large 18.9 Liter bottles to Offices and Homes. Under the brand name KISIMA Water, Aqua Cool Ltd was the first company in Tanzania to provide such a service.

KISIMA is a Swahili noun, literally translating to “water well”, which is the source of our premium drinking water. KISIMA is processed using state of the art technology in order to ensure every drop is pure, healthy and safe for human consumption.

Aqua Cool Ltd has been growing steadily since its inception. Today we have 65 staff members, 16 delivery trucks and a capacity to produce upto 200,000 liters of pure drinking water per day. Our logistics team ensures timely deliveries in all of Tanzania, including special arrangements for our corporate customers with branch networks upcountry.

Our passion is to provide the best quality service in the market. Our promise is to deliver a high quality product on time. We are proud of the close partnerships we have with our customers, which include most of the reputable banks, embassies, schools and corporate offices in Tanzania. We also serve homes and retail shops.

Our Vision

KISIMA aims to be the #1 producer and delivery team of pure drinking water coolers in Tanzania; ensuring the nation's labor force receives timely delivery of this vital commodity.